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The church of Rindschleiden, with its frescoes from the 15th and 16th century, which are extended over 170 m2, has been built up in the 10th century and dedicated to Saint Willibrord in the 16th century.

In the Municipality of Wahl, hidden in a valley in the form of a basin, lies the smallest village of the country, which puts up however one of the most beautiful and oldest churches of the country: Rindschleiden. In the opposite is a modest school, which today is used as pub MIRO.

The church has been built in the 10th century in honour of every Saints. Only in the 16th century it has been dedicated to Saint Willibrord. In the beginning it was just a chapel from 5 to 10 meters, which has been extended for several times from the 16th century, so that you discover today different stiles in the building. During the last restoration, the floor has been arranged in such a way that you can see the fundaments of the old chapel. Between the nave and the choir, a grate bas been inserted in the floor, so that one can look at the remnants of the historical foundations of these walls. The frescoes from the 1st half of the 15th century, which amount to a surface of 170 m2, impress the visitor.

This photo shows the different stages of the church development (Steeple-extension: 2nd gothic period, in white- enlargement of the choir: 1st gothic period, in stone- finally the vestry: in white) - photo: Antoinette Ney-Schuler
(photos: David Flammang)

The frescoes

They have been discovered, exposed and restored only in 1952. Even if most of the frescoes are damaged, it is possible to identify them and to determine most of the scenes. These frescoes certainly not just serve to the iconographic decoration, but permit also everybody, above all the illiterates, to understand the important biblical scenes. The church is classified as a national monument.

Copy of the font from the 15th century, whose original is inside the church. At the right, the St.Willibrord-source, at the left. the font - (photos: David Flammang)


It seems that before 1437 the rectory depended on Echternach and that it was even a construction of Echternach. The tradition attributes to Saint Willibrord a lot of sources, which he got out from the ground with the help of his wand. The source Saint Willibrord of Rindschleiden has been mentioned even before 1590. It has been restored some years ago. The stony font, which has been discovered and exposed here, gives the grounds an impressive atmosphere. On Whitsunday, the 4 rectories of Wahl, Buschrodt, Arsdorf and Rambrouch go on a pilgrimage to the source Saint Willibrord to honour the relic, a piece of silicium, of Saint Willibrord. By this occasion, the mass is celebrated open-air.

old gravestones The entrance for the church has been built in the 12th century (2nd romance period)

The church is opened every day from 9.00 am to 18.00 p.m. In winter, it is already closed at nightfall (at 17.00 p.m.)

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